Be careful that you don’t do a good deed in order to be seen by people. If you do you will have no reward in heaven.
When you do a good deed don’t let people know about it or bring attention to yourself or your good deed as other people may do. Such people have their own reward.
But when you do a good deed do it quietly and secretly so that no one knows but God. And God, who sees that good deed done in secret will reward you openly. – Matthew 6:1 – 4

Jesus taught an important lesson in giving – give with humility and thoughtfulness.

Only in my brain the lesson focused on the last four words, “will reward you openly.”

My attitude in giving – whether to charity or tithing to church – has been to receive. You must give in order to receive. It is a universal, spiritual law that works.

But what about beyond giving to receive? What about giving with no thought of receiving from either man or God? To give because it’s the right thing to do? To give without any thought of recompense or acknowledgement?

This is a much harder lesson for me to learn.

Giving a gift can be likened to a sacrifice – and as there is a difference between a willing sacrifice and an unwilling one, there is a big difference from giving because you have to and giving because you want to. Further, giving because you want to and because you receive some benefit is different from giving the way God gives – fully, completely, sacrificially, and with pure, untainted love. Can a human being even achieve such an attitude of giving?

I don’t think so, at least not on this side of the eternal veil. We are inherently spiritual and emotional creatures and even though we want to give because of love (like God), we give because of the payoff we receive. Such a payoff may be in the form of money, goods, or even emotional satisfaction whether we are consciously aware of it or not. But that shouldn’t stop us from giving. As children of the Creator God we want to give, and give abundantly; and we gain a deeper understanding of the universal law of giving — the more you give, the more you receive.


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