Do not fear, child,
Don’t be tired.
The Lord your God is with you
The Mighty One will save you
He will shower His joy over you
He will calm and shelter you with His love
He will sing to you with love & joy.

Zephaniah 3:16-17, interpretation by Sabina after the NKJV


I did not have a joy filled childhood.
My earthly father was not an easy man.

Scripture teaches us that God is our Heavenly Father, who loves and cares for us.

Like many –too many—adult children I had to work hard as a child to earn my father’s love and respect – if indeed I ever did.

Which is why I find it difficult to call God “Father” or “Heavenly Father” or “Father God.” The only time I refer to God as “Father” is when I say the Lord’s Prayer, and that is just out of habit.

But I believe God wants me – us – to know all aspects of Him. He is more than what classical artists depict as the bearded man in the sky. He is more than “the Man upstairs.” He is more than a bumper sticker or and poem to hang on the wall. He is more than a “He.”

I like to compare (however poorly) God to a brilliantly cut diamond. Cut diamonds have many facets – many faces – where light shines through, bounces around, and radiates from within.

God has many facets, many faces, many names and one of these is “Father.”

I hope one day to have a better understanding of Father God; maybe not understanding but to know Him as Father God.

To really know I don’t have to earn His love.

To really know He delights in me, that He will calm me with His love, and sing songs of love and joy to me simply because

I am His child and He is my Father.


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