When I hide in the secret place of the Most High
And seek shelter under the shadow of the Almighty
I will say to the Lord, “You are my place
Of safety and protection. In You,
My God, will I put my trust.”

And He will keep me safe from harm – from those who
Want to devour my heart and soul.
He will blanket me with His love
And in Him will I be safe.
His promise and strength will be my armor
And I will not be afraid of the darkness of night
Nor of the attacks of the day
Nor of the scary things that inhabit my nights
Nor of the chaos that tries to destroy
My heart and soul during the day.

I may be in the middle of a battle
With all manner of
Bad things falling at my feet
But they shall not touch me.
I only have to look and see
What happens to those who don’t love God.

Because I have the Lord as my refuge and
In Him I live
My soul is safe from harm.
No evil force will come near me
His angels will keep watch over me
And protect my soul from evil.
They shall carry me when I stumble
And lead me through terrible things and
I won’t be touched.
My heart and soul are safe in the Lord.

Because she has set her love upon Me
I will keep her safe.
I will raise her up because she knows My Name
And when she calls upon Me
I will answer.
I will be with her in times of trouble.
I will bring her through and bless her with a
Beautiful life and she will be satisfied.
I will show her My salvation and My love.

Psalm 91, interpreted by Sabina, after the NKJV.


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