Dear Lord,

I pray for the leader of this country—

When I read of the rapid changes he is making

I am disturbed. It seems he is only catering to a portion of the citizens and
not to the country as a whole.

Grant him the wisdom to make the best decisions
for the whole country—
for all the people, not just the ones who elected him.

Help him to have love and compassion for the people he doesn’t like.

Help him to have mercy on those he excludes for whatever reason.

Help him to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

And Lord,

Help me – and all the people of this great country – remember that
while you gave us free will and allow us to amble along the path
of our collective choosing without necessarily interfering

You are with us we amble—whether we walk, stumble and even fall.

You never leave my side, nor the people’s side.
All we need do is look for You to see You;
to reach out to You to feel Your presence;
to listen to You to hear what You are saying.

And whatever may happen in the next 4 years or so,
You are the One constant in an ever changing world,
a world where the pendulum swings back and forth
changing the lives of so many people.

And now that the pendulum has swung back the other way…

I pray that our leader will be strong and loving,
look to You for guidance,
and not to be hasty in decision-making.

I pray for the country that
collectively we come together
and not let that which divides us destroy us.

And I pray for myself that
when I read or see or hear anything
that causes concern and worry for this country
I will run to You, and trust in You, my safe place,
my refuge, the Most High God.



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