What good does it do for someone to say she has faith in God but doesn’t act on that faith? Will her faith help her?

What good does it do for someone with faith in God to say ‘May God bless you’ to the homeless and hungry on the street and then leave them without offering them, at the very least, some food?

Faith without action is nothing.

Some say ‘You have faith but I perform good deeds’. Isn’t it better to say ‘I will show my faith by acting on that faith’?

Believing in God is good; but even evil men believe in God and tremble before Him.

But still you want to know if it is okay to have faith without giving kindness or mercy or compassion or love to others?

Even Abraham showed his faith in God’s word when he offered up his only son Issac on the altar.

Don’t you understand when you do a good deed on and with faith, your faith and trust in God grows more beautiful each time?

…For as the man without his spirit is dead, so too faith without action is dead.


James 2:14-26, as interpreted by Sabina after the NKJV


One thought on “Working faith

  1. Very true. I do pray for a lot of kitties though and I wish I could afford to donate to all that need financial help, but I can’t so prayer has to be enough in those cases. XO


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