God, You have been my dwelling place for my entire life.

Before man was formed, even before day became day and night became night,
Before the earth, the stars and all that is
Even from forever to forever
You are God.


And I am consumed with Your fierce love and care for me and for that I worship You.

You have seen all my faults – even the ones I harbor secretly and try to hide from You.

All of my days are passed in Your love and care and
I will finish my years in the span of a breath.

The days of my life maybe 70 or 80 years, and if I am strong enough, maybe more.
Yet those years only give to me more labor, more burdens and more sorrow.
And the years pass quickly
And quite suddenly I am gone from this earth.

Who really knows the power of Your love? For as I worship You, so is Your love.

So, teach me, O precious Lord, to number my days and not squander them, that I may grow a heart of wisdom, compassion and love.

Psalm 90: 1-2 & 7-12, as interpreted by Sabina after the NKJV.


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