The Lord said (to Samuel):
Don’t look at what someone looks like or at their height or the way they are dressed.
For I don’t see as you see.
I don’t look at their outward appearance.
I look at their heart.

1 Samuel 16:7
As translated by Sabina from NKJV

How often I judge a person based on
what they’re wearing,
or what they look like,
or the sound of their voice,
or the way they carry themselves,
or if they’re fat, skinny, tall, short, average,
or if they’re “Christian” or not,
or what their skin color is,
or what their ethnic background is,
or what kind of music they listen to,
or what kind of books they read,
or what kind of food they eat,
or what their family members do,
or how they rear their children,
or how they treat their pets,
or what kind of car they drive,
or …
or …
or …
or …
I could go on ad infinitum

Thank You, God,
For looking at the heart of a person—the heart of me—and seeing that I am so corrupt on the outside, You see my heart and how it inclines toward You. Help me to see as You see. Help me to love as You love. And help me to have compassion and grace toward these same corrupt human beings You love so much.


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