Blessed is the Lord
Who, because of His abundant mercy, has given me hope through his son Jesus Christ for a future far away from this place I now reside, a future place of love, beauty and peace.

I am kept by the power of God through faith until that time and I greatly rejoice in this knowledge, even though I am pulled under by so many worries and concerns. But the truth of my faith in God is more precious to Him than anything else and in Whom I have never seen yet still love.

Even though I have not seen Him, I still believe in Him and therefore I can rejoice even now in the midst of my troubles and remember that it will not always be this way and there awaits for me an eternal peace in the Presence of God.

Therefore, I will strengthen and shield my thoughts and mind against the corrupt things of this world and rest my hope in Him Whose grace guides my every step, even every step I take.

1 Peter 1:3-10
As interpreted by Sabina after the NKJV


I have been without ready access to the internet and television in my home for about 5 months now – not my original choice, but that of weather & finances – and while I miss the entertainment part of tv (I do have a dvd player, so there’s some entertainment there) I do not miss the news, the crime and the politics. I feel blessed to have missed the bulk of the election process (I did vote) and feel equally blessed to not have to listen to a president I neither support nor respect but try always to pray for. I use the public library’s computers and the max amount of time I can spend is 4 hours at one sitting. As I have a few blogs plus an Etsy store, my computer time is carefully planned out so I have no time for surfing the web looking at junk.

What started out as an annoyance and then a royal pain in the patootie has become a blessing. My situation hasn’t changed – I have. I have determined to see the good in not having the corruption of the outside world via TV and the internet come into my home 24/7. At some point in the future I will have access to the outside world in my house again – but perhaps by then I will have learned to manage it better so that I control the corruptive influence rather than it controlling me.


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