I was born of my mother with very few days, many of them troubled.

I bloom like a flower and just as quickly I fade away; my life runs from me like shadows and only goes so far.

But You see me, have mercy upon me and

Though I am easily led astray, You lead me back.

My days are laid out before You; You alone know the number of my years –

And You don’t take Your eyes from me from that day to this

For there is hope; for even a tree that when it is cut down and its roots wither in the earth and looks for all the world to be dead.

Yet at the merest hint of water the roots will reach toward it and it will send up new growth through the soil to the warmth of the sun.

But when I die and are laid to rest in the ground, where will I be?

When the sea dries up and rivers run no more

Do I believe when I lay in the grave I won’t live again? Is that what happens?

Oh! that You would hide me from worries and doubts! And keep me safe until all trouble has passed. And that You would bring an end to the pain and deliver me on that day.

And when I die, I shall live again; even after all the days of my life are spent – I will await my call to be with You.

And You will forgive and forget my mistakes and poor judgments and decisions; and I will stand before You clean and pure as a new born babe.

Job 14:1-14, as interpreted by Sabina after the NKJV


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