Who, then is this priest? And who is that teacher?
They are the ministers that I believed the Lord gave me.

One preacher planted the seeds my faith, another watered it with teachings,
But it was God that grew my faith with love.

Each minister in my life has taught me according to his or her skills and understanding of God and each one will receive their reward in the afterlife.

We are all together teachers and ministers to others who believe.

Thankfully, with God’s good grace, I have had a good foundation of faith laid in me (flawed though it may have been) and different truths have been built upon it.

But the one true foundation is one laid in God.

And if I build anything else upon it, that is, the worship of things, money, people – anything – other than God

Then the day will come when I will be tested as if through a great fire and what I have built – what I believe in will burn away if it is the not Truth firmly rooted in the foundation of God.

After the fire of trials and trouble, what remains is my Truth, my Faith, my Love for God – if my foundation is built solidly in Him.

For I am the temple of God and His Spirit abides within me.


1 Corinthians 3, an interpretation after the NKJV


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