A Safe Place

And I said to the Lord, 

Lord, You have been our dwelling place for all of our lives –

Before the mountains pushed their way out of the earth
Or the oceans were carved into the ground and were filled with Your tears

From forever to forever—

You are God –

And I, who dwell in the heart of You
I will also abide under Your Shadow, the Almighty God
And I will say of You,

“You are my refuge in times of grief
And my fortress in times of trouble and sorrow.
You are my God, in You I will trust.”


And the Lord God responded to me,

Because she has set her love upon Me, I will deliver her.

I will bring her up to the high places because she is known to Me.

She will call upon Me and I will answer her.

I will be with her in times of trouble.

I will deliver her and comfort her in her sorrow

With abiding love, will I heal her and show her My salvation.


Excerpts from Psalm 91, an interpretation after the NKJV, in tribute and memory of a friend’s sudden loss of a loved one


Bereft no longer…

2 weeks later –

I am bereft no longer—

God in His Gracious Love has proven – once again to my foolish self – His faithfulness to me despite my faithlessness to Him.

Without condemnation He has allowed me – gifted me – the space to withdraw from active spiritual practice for a short while – always remaining within my reach and never out of the sounds of my cries.

The first days I felt guilty of having no spiritual practice –

Then I understood to forgive myself my humanity and all its troublesome quirks as God has forgiven me. And why would He not? I am His creation, His child, after all. He offers no condemnation – only love – and it is in that love with God I remain wrapped safely in the arms of my Beloved – gathering strength for the coming storms –

I am humbled by God’s Love and Grace for me –

I am bereft no longer–