2 weeks later –

I am bereft no longer—

God in His Gracious Love has proven – once again to my foolish self – His faithfulness to me despite my faithlessness to Him.

Without condemnation He has allowed me – gifted me – the space to withdraw from active spiritual practice for a short while – always remaining within my reach and never out of the sounds of my cries.

The first days I felt guilty of having no spiritual practice –

Then I understood to forgive myself my humanity and all its troublesome quirks as God has forgiven me. And why would He not? I am His creation, His child, after all. He offers no condemnation – only love – and it is in that love with God I remain wrapped safely in the arms of my Beloved – gathering strength for the coming storms –

I am humbled by God’s Love and Grace for me –

I am bereft no longer–



One thought on “Bereft no longer…

  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I misunderstood yesterday’s post and thought you had another vacation coming up.


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