So, I am finally committed to what God has been asking me to do for a couple of years now.
It’s taken time for me to agree—
I’ve been stubborn—

‘I can do this thing on my own, God’, is what I’ve told Him—
‘You can?’ says He—
‘Yes, I can’ says I, ‘if You are sure to help me while I struggle with my own plans’—

And because I didn’t do as He wanted, but what I wanted—
I continued down an inevitable spiral path, circling the drain as it were—


Though I refused to do what I knew God wanted me to do—
Though I created the mess I am now in with my desperate and foolish desire to go it alone—
Though I sought after other gods before the One True God—

I turned around and there You are, Lord

You never left me
You never gave up on me
You never stopped looking after me
You never stopped loving me

I am a foolish human, O Lord—
I’ve made mistakes I’ll be paying for (literally) years to come—

But you are Perfect Love in every way
Perfect Life
Perfect Comfort
Perfect Solace
Perfect Safety

As I give up and give in—
Strengthen me through Your love—
And I will face this new life

With You and in You and in confidence of You—




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