Change happens
Change is good for you
Change is inevitable
Change produces growth
Change brings opportunity

Change is also…
Sleepless nights
Binge eating or
Not eating at all
Not always wanted
But sometimes necessary

When I was younger I loved change. I moved at least 10 times during my 20s and early 30s. I worked full-time, went to college, sold Princess House Crystal, did an occasional pet-sitting job and maintained a social life. Where did all that energy go? I’ve changed jobs multiple times over the years, changed churches, faiths, denominations, and so forth. But time marches on and so did my ability to not only accept change gracefully but welcome it. That change-ability marched on and found another soul to march with.

Now, as I am in the midst of mid-life, change has come to call once again and although I have resisted it vehemently, I now have no choice but to go along with it.

In an effort to calm the anxiousness and worrying and sleepless nights and so on, I have taken to listening to hymns. It’s the only music I am currently listening to (other than the brief time I am driving) – at work, at home, when I’m trying to calm my racing mind and get to sleep. And it seems to work for me quite well. I have favorites from childhood and new favorites from random internet searches. I’ve shared a couple of them here and will probably share more. I’m finding it comforting to be reminded how much God loves me and how much I love Him (yes, sometimes I have to be reminded that I love God).

And though I don’t like change now like I used to, God knows me well enough to know that I ultimately want what He wants for me and I will eventually come around. He is patient, kind and loves me from before I was and will love me until I am no longer.

This world is filled with tons of insanity and constant change, but
God is the ever-constant –

And the One thing that will never change is His love for me.


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