emotional auto-pilot

And what are those ‘thoughts that lie too deep for tears’? And why are they only accessible to the Divine Touch?

When I react badly (negatively, painfully, sorrowfully), either internally or externally, to something someone else has said or done or even a past memory, and I’m not sure why I reacted that way, that reaction has its roots in some past event or memory that I’m not aware of. It is those thoughts – events, memories, action – that I react off of automatically. That deep inner pain triggers a response of fear, not Love. And anything that is not Love is fear and fear is not of God.

Those automatic reactions – like cursing the driver in front of me that is going too slow or cuts me off; like driving extra slow when I’m in front of another driver who wants to go faster than me or I don’t like the way they’re driving; like being impatient or sarcastic to someone who is impatient or sarcastic with me; mouthing off when someone cuts ahead of me in a line; plus many, many more – all these are automatic reactions that bubble up from somewhere deep within and out they come without me even thinking about it. One moment I’m pleasant, feeling the love and Presence of God and the next moment or ½ moment I’m reacting badly with no thought of the love God has for me. From Jekyll to Hyde in a nanosecond. And hating myself later for turning into the monster I feel I am but know deep in my spirit I’m not.

Thoughts that lie too deep for tears? How about pain that lies too deep for human touch. Pain and anguish that lies too deep for anyone but God.

God, in His infinite wisdom and love sees straight to the root – the cause of all pain and all fear deep within. And when I am willing to offer up that pain and fear to Him, He will heal it forever and I will be another step closer to Him.