If you could ask God anything, what would it be? Why am I here? Why did You do this to me? Where are You? Maybe you have different questions, but these are the ones I’ve had. Did I dare ask them? You bet I did. I’ve never been afraid to ask God questions – actually, scream them at Him.

Asking questions is good even though some faiths teach that it’s a bad thing. But I think if you’re going to give your heart and soul over to any belief, you need to ask questions. God granted us freewill way back in the Garden and expects us to ask. If He wanted robots to worship Him, He never would have created such a contrary, free-thinking, group of adult-adolescents who refuse to grow up. He wants us to want to love and worship Him. It’s one thing to love someone because it’s the right thing to do; it’s quite another to love Someone because you want to love them. That kind of love is more precious, more pure, more desired because it is sacrificial. In order to love Someone – anyone – like that you have to give of yourself in ways you can’t even begin to imagine in the beginning.

The way God wants us to love Him is the way He loves us. He gave of Himself – became human like us – in order to show us how much He loves us.

So, what is your question for God today? Whatever it is, ask it. Don’t be afraid. No lightning will strike from the heavens; God won’t squash you just because you want to know why or how or what or where. Ask your question; be open to the answer He will give because He always answers and more than likely, will not be the answer you expect or want. Let Him surprise you, let Him show you just how much He loves you; because as we open ourselves to Him, He willing and gladly pours Himself out to you.


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