Watch and pray

Everyday it seems like the world is getting worse – going absolutely crazy with unstable leaders in charge of nuclear weapons and the lives of billions of people. You watch the news and its easy to get depressed about the murders and assaults and vandalism, etc. You look at your own life and you see betrayal, rejection, confusion, disease, grief and worry.

What’s a person to do? Throw up your hands, go off the grid and head for the hills? Arm yourself to the teeth and join an anarchist militia? Dig a bunker in the ground and hoard supplies until the end comes? Join a religious cloister?

While those choices are viable options, there are the ones God would have us choose. In Mark 13, Jesus addresses these issues – the same ones the disciples faced are the same ones we face – and he tells them to watch and pray for no one knows the hour of destruction. He didn’t say run and hide, but to watch and pray. Be mindful of what is going on around you and pray for your family, neighbors, strangers, criminals and local, state and world leaders.

Countless generations have come and gone and each one has had reason to think the end of the world was near. People who lived in Europe during the bubonic plague years, knew it was the end. During times of great famine or flood or earthquakes or war, it was most definitely the end. Some folks thought the end would come in the year 2000 or in 2012 when the planets aligned. But, surprise! We’re still here.

So I ask again, what’s a person to do in a world gone mad? Realize the world has always been mad. People have always killed each other in innumerable ways; destroyed the environment; betrayed and rejected each other; and on it goes. People will continue doing these things until … ? But in the midst of the madness there are always a core group of people who put forth love, hope and faith to the world. Those people choose to trust God. They choose to have faith in an ever-loving, ever-present God. They choose love – in the face of all that is evil, unholy and destructive – they choose love. And through trust, faith and love, they watch and pray.