Stand Still

The other day I asked the question, “What’s a person to do in a world gone mad?” My answer was ‘watch and pray’ (actually, it’s Jesus’ answer). Today I want to add, “Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord… (Exodus 14:13).

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

It’s hard to stand still. It’s hard to wait in the best of circumstances – even harder to wait for God to act. It’s hard to wait on God because it means we have to put a measure of trust and a whole lot of faith in Something Unseen to act on our behalf. And that’s a very hard thing for humans – even believers – to do a lot of the time. We like to act, to move, to do something – anything – just not stand still and wait on God.

We like to pray and ask God to work on our behalf and then when we leave the prayer chamber and go back to our lives, we forget that we left that problem with God for Him to act upon and we try to fix it ourselves. And if we can’t fix it we complain bitterly about it to anyone who’ll listen until we hear the Holy Spirit reminding us that we gave that problem to God and He is working on our behalf to solve the problem that has the best outcome for us. However, that outcome may not be what we wanted but what God deems necessary for our continued spiritual growth.

Standing still and waiting on the salvation of the Lord can be (and is) a tough pill to swallow. You can’t crush it to make it more palatable. You can’t swallow any faster. You can’t force the pill to work when you want it to. You simply must stand still and wait. And watch and pray.

“All you who love the Lord, trust the Lord. He is your Helper and your Shield. The Lord remembers us and will bless us.” Psalms 115:11-12