No Satisfaction

I’m due for a vacation this spring and am planning to visit family in California. I’ve never been there so I’m looking forward to it a great deal. I love vacations – most of the time they’re stay-cations but I love those as much, if not more, than going anywhere. What I hate about vacations is that they are soon over and within a day of going back to work it’s like I never had any time off.

Here’s another thing I love – fresh, hot cheesy pizza from Domino’s. I love pizza – tried them all – but Domino’s is my fav. And the next day, when I eat leftover slices for breakfast or lunch, it’s pretty darn good, too.  But all too soon, the pizza is gone and it’s as if I never had any at all.

When I bought my PT Cruiser, it was used but the dealer had sprayed that ‘new car smell’ throughout the inside. The interior was pristine, the engine purred like a kitten and the paint job shone like a new coin. One day after driving it off the lot and I had already messed up the interior. Three years later and the interior is shabby, the sheen is off the coat and the engine runs – well, sputters along. Where did my new-to-me car go?

If you haven’t guessed what I’m getting at here, it’s that anything that satisfies doesn’t for very long. Anything that makes us happy doesn’t last. Consider addicts of all types – they indulge in their addiction because of the ‘high’ they get but then they come down and the search for the illusive high begins again.

We are never truly satisfied.  We are never truly happy.

Okay, so now maybe you’re thinking sarcastically, “Wow, thanks a lot – that gives me hope for today not to mention the future.” But think about it – really think about it. If, as the created children of God, we are always satisfied, always happy, why would we hope for a future with God? If we were already living in a heaven-on-earth, would we even think about God’s heaven?

When God made us, He created us to be resolutely unsatisfiable with anything or anyone for very long – except, that is, for Himself. He loves us and desires us to love Him in return. As long as we remain on this green Earth, we will always have a measure of unsatisfaction. The bad thing about being unsatisfied is that we’ll try anything and everything to reach the ever-illusive state of pure joy. The good thing is that not only does recognizing we will never be fully satisfied lower our expectations of what we want here in this life, but it also, if we allow it to, drive us toward God.

In God we will find the only true satisfaction available to us while on this side of death. And even when we’re disappointed with life, life with God is fully better than without!