If it matters to you, it matters to God.

Sometimes I don’t want to bug God about the little things. Oh, I’m all about praying for the big things – stuff like family, health, my furbabies, work, money – you know the major issues that can make or break you. But the little things? Those things are harder to pray for. I don’t want to seem silly or stupid asking God to help with things I’ve screwed up, or the collage I’m working on, or not getting enough sleep at night because there’s no room for me on the bed (too many furbabies want to sleep with me).

If it matters to me, it matters to God.

I’ve been having car-issues (long story, best not told) and this morning I had trouble getting it started. I needed to stop by Wa-Wa’s on the way to work and I didn’t want to cut it off to go inside. Which meant I needed to leave it running. Which would be fine if I could find my spare key so I could lock it. Which would be fine if the car had one of those fancy keyless entries. Which would be fine if I had someone else in the car with me.  So, when I pulled up to the store, I said a prayer that went something like this, “God, I hate to bug you, but would You, uhh, mind sending an angel to watch over my car while I run inside Wa-Wa’s. I have to leave it running and I don’t want to take advantage of You or Your grace, but I’m really afraid to cut it off because it might not start again and then I’ll be late for work and You know how much I hate being late to work. I’m sorry. I know its not important. But. Umm.  Anyway. Thank You.”

If it matters to you, it matters to God.

The first miracle Jesus did was change water into wine. Seemingly unimportant to us, but to the party host whose wine had run out, it would have been a social nightmare if the guests had found out. No one at the party knew about the miracle except for His mother and disciples. He transformed the water because His mother was concerned that her friends would be embarrassed. A small thing to outsiders but a big thing to His mom. Which meant it was a big thing to God.

If it matters to me, it matters to God.

Lord, help me remember that You care about all the things in my life – big as well as small. I tend to not involve You in the small details of my life; help me to remember to call upon You. You are my Father, my Mother, and my Creator – You already know these things and want me to ask You for help.

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