I was christened a Methodist as an infant; as a teen I was born-again and baptized a Baptist in a fire and brimestone church. As a young adult, I rededicated my life to God and was baptized again into an evangelical church. When I soured on their beliefs, I was confirmed into the Episcopalian church. I left that church and explored shamanism and New Age beliefs. I am now without a church home but spiritually more content than I ever have been. But God won’t let me rest! The journey continues…

God of my childhood


God of my teen years.


God of my early 20’s.


God of my late 20’s.


Exploring my options in my 30’s.


Struggling with God and learning to be okay with not going to church in my 40’s.


In my 50’s I am now at peace with myself and God. My Spiritual Journey continues forward…

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