We are good enough

Many times, we are held back by a sense that we are simply not good enough, talented enough or smart enough to do what we want to do. We pray for God to free us from the internal chains that bind us. Self-confidence stems from confidence in Him. It is not we alone who do the work. The work is done by Him who is within us.





help me dedicate myself to You

far-east-1950-05Dear God,

Please help me dedicate

myself to You–

to do the work,

to quiet my mind,

that I might serve You best.


Please introduce my heart

to peace,

and guide me to the chamber

where my heart

can rest 

and find itself.

Please take me there.



prayer from: illuminated

willingness or willful?

But there is a tension here, for will can easily be willful as it can be willing. And there is a vast difference between the two. Most often willfulness is based on fear. We try to make the world the way we want it by forcing solutions. Compensating for the uncertainty inside us, we become motivated by power instead of participation. Then we find struggles instead of solutions because force is often me with resistance. We stay emotionally hungry yet cannot be fed. We ask for more and more and receive less. Willingness, on the other hand, allows life to show us the way.

“Thy will be done,” we say in the Lord’s Prayer. And the very next line is, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Truly prayed, this is a prayer of willingness…willingness to desire God’s will. Willingness to feel and recognize hunger and therefore willingness to receive sustenance. Willingness to forgive and be forgiven. This prayer understands our human nature. 

becoming bread