What is Your truth?

What is Your truth?
Is it what one preacher says it is?
Or rabbi? Or imam? Or teacher?
Or priest? Or medicine man?
Or leader? Or minister?
Can so many people,
so many different people,
have the truth?

The truth, Your truth, is a paradox
It is where
the virgin gives birth
the blind see
the deaf hear
the mute speak
the lame walk
the wolf and the lamb are friends
the lion and the ox graze together
and a baby plays near the cobra.

All those things
things that can’t happen
aren’t supposed to happen
shouldn’t happen
are all a part of Your truth.

Your truth
is bigger than any single belief can hold
is bigger than any single faith can hold.

Your truth
is every belief
is every faith.

Your truth
is all known knowledge
is all unknown knowledge.

Your truth
belongs to You
and You give it to us
as we are able to receive it.

May we be open to receive
Your truth.

May we not use
Your truth
as a weapon
one against another.

May we use
Your truth
as it is intended
as an extension of Your Love
as an expansion of Your Love
as a witness of Your Love.


Open my eyes

I once heard a preacher say, “Open the eyes of my eyes.”
So I ask you, Lord, “Open the eyes of my eyes.”

Like the men who walked unknowlingly
with Jesus 3 days after His crucifixion,
You walk with me on a daily basis
and yet I don’t always see You.

The hearts of those men burned
with spiritual recognition
yet because their eyes weren’t truly open
they did not truly see.

You know the phrase,
“Can’t see the forest for the trees”;
well, sometimes I can’t see You
for all the trees around me.
These trees—
little annoyances
big frustrations
worries and concerns
anger and bitterness
all these trees
block my view of You
even though my heart
burns with recognition of You.

Let me see You, my Lord,
in the midst of the trees
standing tall
making those terrible trees
move aside as I move closer to You.

Let me remember
Your faithfulness to me in times past
both far and near
and even though I have been faithless
more times than I can count
You have always been faithful with me.

Dear Lord,
Open the eyes of my eyes
that I may see You in all things
for there is nowhere on this earth
that is unknown to You and
that You are not there.


I am in a season of waiting.
waiting for a blessing in a specific way.

Waiting is hard.
I grow impatient and frustrated.

And in my impatience and frustration
I become envious at other people’s blessings.
I become doubtful that You, Lord God, love me.
I remain unable to transcend being so human.

And in my inability to transcend being so human
I become deaf to You, Dear Lord.

And in my deafness to Your voice
I become impatient and frustrated
envious and doubtful
unable to transcend
and deaf.

Help me, Sweet God, in my season of waiting.

Thank You for this lesson in waiting.

Thank You that I am learning to have joy
when others are blessed while I wait.

Thank You that I am learning to joy of waiting patiently for Your time
for surely there is always a blessing after a long season of waiting.

Thank You that I am learning that You love me
whether or not I feel loved or not which gives me great comfort while waiting.

Thank You that I am learning to transcend my humanness
to draw closer to Your Spirit.

Thank You that I am learning to listen to You
despite of my deafness.

Thank You for my season of waiting.


lb memorium