Who am I?

Who am I, and what am I? what evil has not been either my deeds, or if not my deeds, my words, or if not my words, my will? But You, O Lord, are good and merciful, and Your right had had respect unto the depth of my death, and from the bottom of my heart emptied that abyss of corruption. And this Your whole gift was, to negate what I willed, and to will what You willed. ~~ St. Augustine

killdeer 4
photo credit: Staff of Princess Anne Public Library

I’ve been busy with my other blogs these last few days and have neglected my spiritual side. So on this bright, yet freezing, spring morning, I am reminded that despite my negligence to God, He is never negligent toward me. And while I don’t necessarily put thoughts to blog posts each day,it doesn’t mean those thoughts of God aren’t there.

My sister related a story to me about a gentleman she encountered recently who was so angry, so bitter with the way his life turned out, that it really made her take a step back. We  discussed how each person has a choice – a choice to let your own life destroy you and poison your soul with bitterness and hatred, or to make a conscious decision to consider life’s blessings.

So, today, if you are angry or frustrated or bitter over someone or something or some event, don’t let it rule you. Make a choice – a choice for inner peace, a choice for God, a choice for Beauty – even if its only for a moment or two.




Life of my soul

But You are the life of souls, the life of lives, having life in Yourself; and changes not, life of my soul. ~~ St. Augustine


As Spring awakens the flowers and trees around me I am reminded that God is the life of my heart and of my soul. In the good and peaceful times it is easy to recall these thoughts. It is in the troubled times I can so easily forget that God is the life of my heart and soul.

But God changes not – so even when I forget Him, He doesn’t forget me.

May I always be reminded of my True Heart and Soul.

The Beauty of Spring

What in truth is it? who can teach me, save He that enlightens my heart, and discovers its dark corners? What is it which has come into my mind to inquire, and discuss, and consider?  ~~ St. Augustine


The Beauty of Spring reminds me that it is God who Leads me, Guides me, Comforts me and above all else, Loves me.