Time off

I’m taking Easter week off and will be back next Monday. See you then!!


How long must I wait?

how long oh lordLook with pity, Lord on these things, and deliver us who call upon You now; deliver those too who call not on You yet, that they may call on You, and You may deliver them. ~~ St. Augustine


When you pray for someone who has strayed from the Presence of God, and pray that like the Prodigal’s Son they will return, and then they don’t – how long do you keep praying for them? How long do you keep bringing their soul before the Throne and ask God to deliver them from their troubles?

Our world is an impatient one – classic example – as I was driving to visit my mom yesterday the man ahead of me didn’t want to wait for two ducks to cross the road so he hit one of them – not bad, she was in shock, she was able continue on after a few minutes – but, really, how much time did he save by not waiting for a duck to get out of the path of his car? 

If I pray for some one to be delivered, or healed or helped I must be committed to praying for as long as it takes. Even if it takes a lifetime. It’s hard  to make a spiritual commitment like that – at least for me. But if I pray for God to work in His Time – not mine, because  I am in God’s time, it might take a lifetime of prayers and, I need to remember that I may never even see the outcome of the prayer while on this earth.

I believe that God answers every prayer in the way that is best for the pray-er and the pray-ee. And if I believe that then I must be willing to trust Him to answer in His Time – not mine.

Help me to be patient and wait on You, O Lord (but help me right now! 😉 )


There is no such thing as time. The past is gone and no longer exists, the future is an assumption that has not yet come, all you have is the moment–this one–but it too has passed. . . just now.   ~  Peggy Noonan

time peace ab

I’ve begun reading a book on time and being at peace with it. How does one even begin to be at peace with time? When our lives are regulated by the tick of the clock, the sound of the alarm, the ding of the bell? Well, that’s what I am hoping to discover.

A long time ago I wore wrist watches – I loved them, collected them, one to match any outfit. Then slowly I became aware of myself constantly checking my watch – all day long, just checking to see what time it was. I didn’t like being a slave to my wristwatch so I took it off, put them away and haven’t worn one for a very long time. I was freed from time.

Or, so I thought. I just exchanged one time-master for another. Now I’m a slave to the clock in my car, on my phone, at my desk at work. I constantly watch the clock, time exactly how many minutes I have before I absolutely have to start getting ready for work, what time I have to leave for work, my breaks at work, time to log off from work, what time to go to bed to start it all over again. It seems I’ve learned next to nothing in all these years.

Maybe now is the time for me to learn to be at peace with time. To learn to flow with it and not worship at it’s altar. God told us not to put other gods before Him; it’s time I turned away from god of time and toward the God Who Created Time.