set in my ways

What people resist the most about spiritual healing is changing their minds.
– S. Kelley Harrell

We are so set in our ways. I am so set in my ways that I am unable to be healed because I refuse to see God in any other way than what I already know.

The Bible tells me I must be born again to go to Heaven. Therefore it must be true. For many people it is but for just as many others it is not. Does it matter to God? I don’t know for sure. No one knows for sure even if they say it is.

My point is this, that unless you are willing to engage just a possibility that there is more to God than you think there is, you might never be open to spiritual healing.

As long as you see the world in terms of sinner and saved, Christian and everything else, black and white, men and women, young and old, rich and poor, you will miss the Nature of God.

God loves us all; He created us all – yes, even the person whom you hate/dislike/avoid because they are not like you or they do not believe it what you believe or wear the same color of skin as you.

And as long as you and I see people by those dividing lines we will never experience God in all His Glory and we will never experience true spiritual healing.

God created all of us; He loves all of us; the least we can do is open up ourselves to that reality. And then, leave the eternal judgment up to the One Who is Eternal, Wise and Loving.

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intelligence comes in all forms

In small and petty arguments it isn’t about who is right or wrong but who can be the bigger person.
-David Cuschieri

What is this incessant need for some people to be right all the time? Are we so insecure within ourselves that we have to constantly prove ourselves to others by being right? That is the case with me. I don’t always outwardly project my ‘rightness’ on others, but I do feel I have to be right most of the time. And I believe it to be that way because I am insecure in who I am. Deep down inside I am still afraid that if people saw who and what I truly was or am they would not like me.

It is too bad I still carry around with me that old suitcase of self-doubt. I’ve tried to put it down and abandon it innumerous times but it always seems to find me – sort of like a boomerang. What will it take for me to finally rid myself of old self-doubts? Abandoning doesn’t seem to do it; ignoring it defiantly doesn’t do it – it only makes them stronger. Maybe the only way to rid myself of those troublesome doubts is to address each one individually and prove them wrong.

One major self doubt I carry is that I am not smart or intelligent. This, of course, comes from my father telling me I wasn’t smart or intelligent or bright or would never be able to measure up to his ‘brilliance’. He may not have said those things to me personally, although I am quite sure he did; but he certainly showed me on many occasions. Or maybe it is what I perceived from his never praising me for getting good grades or thinking something through or figuring something out. He prided himself in his ‘smartness’ and ‘intelligence’. He always thought he was so smart that he was smarter than anyone else – ever. If I had gone into one of his chosen professions I may have earned his approval – emphasis on may have. It is unlikely that no matter what I did or do or accomplish I would never nor will ever receive his approval. And that I have to let go.

Smartness, intelligence and brilliance comes in all forms. My maternal grandmother never went to college, never even graduated school (she got married instead) but she was one of the smartest people I knew. She could converse on any subject, was an avid reader, was an “Iron Chef” in the kitchen and could create anything – she even drew her own patterns for my mom’s wedding dress. As I said she was smart.

Going to school or college doesn’t make a person smart or intelligent or bright. It only amplifies what is already within us – if we allow it to. As creations of the most intelligent Being in the Universe we are all smart. We are all intelligent. We are all brilliant. We have to be – God created us in His Image. Within us – within me – is the intelligence of the Universe. And as there are innumerable facets of God, so are the variations of intelligence. Only He is able to hold all within Himself. His children, on the other hand, are able to hold only one or two, maybe a few more, types of intelligence within our human brains. But we all have it – smartness, brilliance and intelligence.

Sometimes I hear other people say, “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not creative (enough)” – I have even said those exact words myself. But now I am coming to believe that to say those things is kind of like slapping God in the face. I must come to the realization that I am smart and I am creative and it doesn’t matter what anyone else or even myself thinks of those statements – God created me to be who I am and He gave me intelligence, as He gives it to all His children. God gives freely, it is up to me to take it and use it.

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seedlings of God

We were born to die and we die to live.
As seedlings of God we barely blossom on earth; we fully flower in heaven.
– Russell M. Nelson

I cannot separate death from God. God is Creator of all living things and where there is creation there is death. Death is not something we should be fearful of, even though I am, or rather of the process of dying. I won’t discuss this here, as I have already done so earlier. I have no new revelations to share so I will leave it as it is.

But once that last hurdle in this life is crossed, we can only hope to truly blossom in heaven – whatever the form heaven in our hearts means for us. Having ‘shed our mortal coil’ we are free to be our true selves and none of what was said and done to us here on earth will matter. We will have no choice but to bloom and blossom in the Presence of our Creator.

I do think it matters what we say and do to others, however. I don’t know what form judgment will take but for all things to continue to be in balance, as our Wonderful Creator is in Balance, there must be an accounting of our deeds and misdeeds. Whether or not there is a punishment as we understand it is not up to me nor anyone else to decide. That alone belongs to God. And to be at peace with that is another thing entirely.

So in order for me to fully bloom and blossom in my life after my life, I probably need to shed some of the chaff here rather than deal with it afterward. We may not carry material things into the afterlife but surely we carry our unclaimed baggage as it were.

Some folks believe in reincarnation, that we are reborn life after life all the while working out our issues and past misdeeds. I don’t know how I feel about that. I can see the wisdom in the doctrine but that would mean that there is a finite number of souls rambling around the ether and for me, it would mean God is finite rather than Infinite and Eternal.

I prefer to believe in an Infinite God rather than a finite one. I want my God to be bigger than me or I will ever be. I want Him to be so Vast and Expansive that no matter how good I am or will ever be, I will never attain His Perfection or Beauty.

For me, there is comfort in His Never-Ending Presence. You may call it naïve; I call it faith.