Praying for the dead

illuminPrayer for the Dead
Dear God,
Please take the soul and spirit of this dear departed one into the sweetest corner of Your mind, the most tender place in Your heart, that she, and I, might be comforted.
For now she has gone, and I pray, dear God, for the strength to remember she has not gone far.
For she is with You and shall remain so forever.
She remains within me, for we are all in You together.
The cord that binds us one to the other cannot be cut, surely not by death.
For You, dear God, have brought us together, and we remain in eternal connection.
There is no power greater than You.
Death is not Your master, nor mine.
These things I believe and ask my heart to register.
I surrender to You my grief.
I surrender to you my pain.
Please take care of Your servant, my dear one who has passed.
And please, dear Lord, take care of me.
Death and dying are ‘untouchable’ subjects in our society. They shouldn’t be but it is the byproduct of a society focused on youth, sexiness and beauty. Only in God is there no fear of wrinkles, sags, bags and ultimately death.

Ready for death?

illuminOpening up to the pain of death, our own or that of someone we love, is one of the most mysterious blessings of life. Nothing focuses us more clearly on what matters, help us drop our defense more quickly or gives us more compassion for human suffering.
        I used to think that the Angel of Death would be a terrible thing. I realize now that the Angel of Death would have to be God’s most tender and understanding angel, to be sent to us at such a significant, frightening juncture.
        The power of God is greater than death. Our relationships are not severed at death, but refocused beyond physical connection. As our vision of life changes, so will the physical world. As we lift our eyes above the illusion of death, we will begin to see the eternity of life.
        Jesus did not die when He died, and neither do we.

What about Death?

angel lettersPerhaps what we are to understand is this: there is no death and we do not die. Many, many are the people who wrote of seeing their loved ones after they died, or feeling their presence, or being visited by them from the Other side. …
What are we to make of this?