God is not my co-pilot

  • Certainly, in our limited human condition, we cannot think of God as He really is. But if we are drawing our image of God from the wrong sources, then our God is too small. God can’t be found in unsanctified imaginations or in the caricatures of pop culture. He is not “The Man Upstairs”. He does not “help those who help themselves.” God is not the proud grandpa of a bouncing bloodline of Merovian kings. He is not our copilot.
  • And He’s not you or me, no matter how many spiritual guides say things like this: “it is time for you to accept that the God within you is your higher self. . . . Understand that when you say God, you refer to your higher self.”
  • Idolatry comes when we substitute the worship of the immeasurable, real God with a god that is too small.
time peace  Time Peace by Ellen Vaughn

Worry and the Timeless One

God made time. For Him, it is a “very little thing” to add an hour to our lives. He’s just not subject to the same temporal constraints that so yoke and choke us. For God, a day is as a thousand years, or a thousand years is as a day. No big deal.

If we are really connected with this One who lives beyond time, we have a real choice in how we live in it. We can focus on the worries, burdens, and fears of our own limited experience and miss the joy that could be ours . . . or we can take the risk, venture out, and truly believe that God is the master. He is not like us. He is absolutely sovereign over time and eternity. ~~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

 031216 master of time

If I worship the One who Created time then why do I worry so much about it? Why do I worry about the future, or even today? Worry seems to be part and parcel to human existence. If I’m not worried about my health, its money or my job or my cats or my family or . . . the list goes on. We all have our own worry lists.

What would my life be like if I didn’t worry? If I were able to truly lay down those worries at the feet of God and walk away? How much happier, more joy-filled, more peaceful would I be? Would I even be able to do it? Or, will I do like I’ve always done, lay them down and give them over to God only to pick the worries back up when I get up?

I don’t even know if I know how to lay down my worries – they are so much a part of me maybe I’m afraid that if I lay them down I won’t be me anymore, that I won’t recognize who I am and maybe, maybe,  I really don’t want to stop worrying. Maybe its because I think I can figure things out for myself and secretly I think I don’t need God.

I think – no – I know – I am wrong. I do need God. Now more than ever.

And the struggle goes on…

Filling the vacuum

There’s a deep yearning in all of us to know Him. Eternity itself is planted in our hearts; we know this quick time in a fallen world is not all there is. We long for the unchanging permanence of God’s glorious light and love.

     How can we connect with this unapproachable God? ~~ Ellen Vaughn

031016 time is a vacuum

When we were born with this vacuum of spirit in our hearts, only One thing will fill it – it is God-shaped and only God can fill it. Try as we might we look for other things to fill the vacuum – the obvious choices are drugs, sex, alcohol, food, love – but what about the not-so obvious choices? What about work, family, children, careers, play, thrills, fear, anxiety – basically anything and everything has been tried at one time or another to fill the God-shaped vacuum in our lives.

I am guilty of this; we are all guilty of this. But God is merciful and loving and ever patiently waiting for us to come to our senses – or, rather, our spirit and turn toward Him.

Each day, every day I must make the choice to approach the Unapproachable and welcome Him into the vacuum of my heart and soul.