Filling the vacuum

There’s a deep yearning in all of us to know Him. Eternity itself is planted in our hearts; we know this quick time in a fallen world is not all there is. We long for the unchanging permanence of God’s glorious light and love.

     How can we connect with this unapproachable God? ~~ Ellen Vaughn

031016 time is a vacuum

When we were born with this vacuum of spirit in our hearts, only One thing will fill it – it is God-shaped and only God can fill it. Try as we might we look for other things to fill the vacuum – the obvious choices are drugs, sex, alcohol, food, love – but what about the not-so obvious choices? What about work, family, children, careers, play, thrills, fear, anxiety – basically anything and everything has been tried at one time or another to fill the God-shaped vacuum in our lives.

I am guilty of this; we are all guilty of this. But God is merciful and loving and ever patiently waiting for us to come to our senses – or, rather, our spirit and turn toward Him.

Each day, every day I must make the choice to approach the Unapproachable and welcome Him into the vacuum of my heart and soul.


What do we do in the dash?

When you walk in a cemetery, some of the gravestones are ornate, glossy Italian marble with expensive carvings and elaborate flourishes. Some are spare and simple. But all have the same four elements: a name, a birth year, a death year, and a dash between those two dates. It is what we do in that dash that counts. ~~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

022816 time flies

What am I doing during that dash – the dash that means my existence on earth? Am I wasting it by doing nothing of world importance? Is my life any less meaningful because I am unknown to the world-at-large? It is easy to feel that way – it is all to easy to feel abandoned and alone.

It is during those times I must rely on faith that I am not alone. And, although I am one person, alone in a world of billions, I am important to the One who is Eternal, Unchanging and Timeless. I may not understand all the workings of His Being, and never will, it doesn’t matter. It can’t matter.

And even though I fall over into the dust, bang up my ego and allow my feelings to be hurt, I remember I am in God’s Time. And for today, that is enough.