Prayer for Achievement

Dear God,
I feel that my life is less than it should be.
I cannot find my freedom or my passion.
I have so much inside me that stays shut down, that isn’t free.
I hurt so much to know I am not living at full force.
My talents are not used as I wish.
My abilities are not full formed.
My energies are so suppressed.
Dear Lord, I do not know how to break free of the ways I constantly negate myself.
I hold myself prisoner somehow.
I know I do.
I know it is my own illusion, this prison in which I live, yet I cannot break free, though I try so hard.
Please, dear God, break down the walls that surround me.
Melt this prison.
Free my soul that I might be as You would have me be.
Free to live,
To soar,
To create,
To love,
To feel passion for good,
To do the good with passion.
I wish to fly.
I wish to feel Your full abundant spirit in me.
Give me this miracle.
Thank You.



We are good enough

Many times, we are held back by a sense that we are simply not good enough, talented enough or smart enough to do what we want to do. We pray for God to free us from the internal chains that bind us. Self-confidence stems from confidence in Him. It is not we alone who do the work. The work is done by Him who is within us.




Prayer for a Partner’s Healing

illuminPrayer for a Partner’s Healing
In the name of God, who is within me, I accept His power with gratitude.
I open my heart and my hands to receive it.
Beloved brother [sister], may this power teach you.
May you be healed.
Every cell of my being, every thought in my mind is radiant with Grace.
Through my hands, there now flows to you His power and His love.
You are forgiven, for you were not condemned.
You are healed, for you shall now know your innocence.
You are whole
You are healed.
God sees you this way.
As I accept Him more deeply into my heart, I accept for myself His vision of you.
I see only your perfection.
I see only your love.
I see not your past.
I see not your mistakes.
I see not your disease.
I see not your pain.
For they have been cast out through the Grace of God.
Through the mercy of the Lord, through the wonder of the universe, which loves us all and gives new life, may you be blessed and be made new.
You are healed.
You are whole.
And so it is.
Sometimes it’s harder to have faith in God’s healing for someone we love than for ourselves. Faith isn’t easy. It’s not meant to be. Faith is hard.  It must be renewed and reaffirmed every day without fail. That is what prayer is for. That is why we are on this journey of prayer.