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clay feet

Postures of the body often give courage to the soul. Smiling dissipates fear, raising the chin diminishes inferiority and a positive answer emboldens the heart. The words we say (“I know I can if I try.”), the attitude we embrace (“It may be difficult, but it’s possible.”), and the action we take (“Let’s give it all we’ve got.”) are postures of confidence that give God a chance to show what He can do.

Niki Anderson, What my Cat has Taught me about Life 

My grandmother used to remind me as a child to sit up straight and walk with my head up, not bent, looking toward the ground as I normally do. Even today I constantly remind myself to sit up when I find myself slouched over or to look up at the world around me when walking when I realize I’m looking at the ground. When I do those simple things, my attitude changes.

When I slouch or look down, my body is telling my soul and spirit and mind that life is bad and I am defeated by it. But when I tell myself to stand tall and sit tall, I am physically saying my life isn’t as bad as all that and I refuse to be defeated by it.

LadyBird, my Chihuahua, came to live with me in fall. When I would take her out in the morning (3.15 am) I would find myself trying to stay warm and trying to hurry her up. By the time winter had arrived I really hated taking her outside because it was so cold. I would huddle up in my coat, look to the ground and say things like, “hurry up!”  But if you have a dog then you know they really don’t pay attention to their humans during their ‘toilet’.

Then one morning I looked up – not just straight ahead – but straight up – at the sky.  I saw how beautiful the sky was on a clear, cold morning and most importantly – how quiet it was, how still the neighborhood was and even the interstate (which is just down the street and provides a constant white noise background virtually 24 hours a day) was silent.

At that moment I realized how I was wasting not only those precious silent minutes but also how much I still look down at my clay feet and how little I look up to God. When I look at my feet I am reminding myself I am a human with no help to move through this world. But when I look up to God, I am telling myself I may be human, but with God’s Love and Help I am able to move through my life and not be defeated or downtrodden by it.

If you find yourself with a bad attitude or in a bad mood then ask yourself – where am I looking? Down at my feet or up toward God? It may make all the difference in your day and maybe your life.


a meaningless life

If we choose to remain with meaningless thoughts,
preoccupied with meaningless things,
then we will continue to experience meaningless patterns of existence.
Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

Have you ever wondered why you feel so empty, so deprived of life or that you are only existing? Oh, you may – I may – have all the latest gadgets or designer clothing or stylish car or maybe even nothing at all. It doesn’t matter what you have or do not have, if you – or I – is focused on the meaningless, the trivial, the ephemeral flotsam and jetsam of our society, the more our lives – the more my life – will lack true meaning and peace.

It is not that things are necessarily bad; it is when those trappings of society are the focus of your everyday life that you eventually find out you have been consuming empty calories and there is no substance for the soul.

Humans are basically spirit beings attempting to find their way back to their Creator. Sometimes it is hard and the human, physical side does not want to give into the spiritual, faith-based side and so we find it easier to give into the physical wants.

Somehow I must find the desire – the strength – the faith – to allow my spirit side to rule in my life. when I allow my spirit free reign, I am closer to God, closer to my truer nature and closer to peace. It is a choice I must make each day.

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