Prayer against hate

Dear God,
Please remove from my mind the tendency to judge.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to hate.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to blame.
Please reveal to me, Lord, a way to stand in my power,
  through love instead of fear, and through peace instead of violence.
May I hear not the voice of anger, but only the voice of love.
And teach me, dear Lord, how not to hate those who hate me.
Transform all darkness into light, dear God,
And use my mind as an instrument of Your harmlessness.
I surrender to You my thoughts of violence.
Take these thoughts, Lord, and wash them clean.
Thank You very much.

Prayer against judgment

illuminDear God,
I surrender to You my thoughts of judgment.
Please heal me of my temptation to blame Your children whom You adore.
Teach me to love as You do.
Teach me to see the reality behind the superficial masks, the truth in the hearts of all Your children.
May I see the innocence in all humanity, that I may see the world of Your creation, the world anew, the world that shall be.
I relinquish my miscreations.
I surrender by belief in guilt.
Bring me home to the truth at last.
May all God’s children be innocent in my eyes, for they are all my brothers.
May I see this that the world might heal.
Dear God,
Give me new eyes. Your eyes.

Honesty with ourselves and God

illuminAs much as we would all love to be thoroughly loving all the time, we would be less than honest if we claimed we are. In fact, we are all thrown curve balls in the form of people and situations we are tempted to judge. How otherwise would we grow but by growing through such challenges to our capacity to love?
        Our prayer work demands that we be rigorously honest with ourselves and God. We must be willing, with His help, to pluck from our minds every nonloving, critical, judgmental thought. …
        Let us continue to search our own minds for the hidden places where we still deny love. Perhaps we learned loveless attitudes from our parents, or from experiences in the past. Wherever we picked up judgmental attitudes, they do not serve us now. They do not serve God or the creation of a new world, and serving God is our only goal. To serve God is to think with love. In prayerful request, let us give up all thoughts that are not of love.
        Every morning, every evening, let us search our minds for the judgments we still hold, for the unforgivenesses, the places where we do not love. The ego is sly and insidious. It takes discipline and vigilance to do the mental work necessary to purify our hearts. Honesty with ourselves and God, and the willingness to be healed by Him, form the crux of the pilgrim’s journey.