Journey’s end,and begin again

So I have ended my journey through Illuminata but I have only begun this day and every day my journey with God. Some days I find myself firmly on the path, side by side with Him; other days I suddenly wake up and find I am lost in the woods of confusion, mired in the mud of despair, or overwhelmed by waves of temptations. And then I begin anew, clawing my way back to the path where God is. He never strays from me – it is I who stray from Him. He is always waiting for me with open arms, without judgment, without anger, and yet, full of Love.
A Way In –
I see in my mind a little ball of golden light.
I watch this light as it begins to grow larger and larger,
   until now it covers the entire inner vision of my mind.
I see within this light a beautiful temple.
I see a garden that surrounds the temple and a body of water
   that flows through the garden.
I see that the inside of the temple is lit by this same beautiful light,
   and I am here.
For I have been drawn here by the power and in the presence of God.
I dedicate my days and my relationships and experiences to You.
May Your Spirit, which is within me, so guide my thoughts, my feelings,
   and my perceptions of all things
That I might grow into a happier, more peaceful, more loving human being.
Illumine my mind, illumine my life.
—Marianne Williamson, Iluminata

A Blessing

May you be blessed forever.
May the road before you be clear and light.
May you find your friends.
May you find your home.
May you find your talents.
May you bear your burdens.
May you know the joy of full contribution.
May He lift you up.
May He make His countenance to shine upon you.
May He guide your footsteps forever and forever.
Thank You, Lord.

Prayer against hate

Dear God,
Please remove from my mind the tendency to judge.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to hate.
Please remove from my mind the tendency to blame.
Please reveal to me, Lord, a way to stand in my power,
  through love instead of fear, and through peace instead of violence.
May I hear not the voice of anger, but only the voice of love.
And teach me, dear Lord, how not to hate those who hate me.
Transform all darkness into light, dear God,
And use my mind as an instrument of Your harmlessness.
I surrender to You my thoughts of violence.
Take these thoughts, Lord, and wash them clean.
Thank You very much.