Trapped in time

“My curiosity about time starts with three things.

“The first has do with how big God is and how small we are. People often say that Christianity is about a “relationship with God.” True. But as I get older, I wonder: what does it really mean for a mortal being to have a “relationship” with One who dwells in eternity, who lives in cosmic dimensions beyond our conception?

“How can a human biped, so trapped in time, really live in connection with a God who transcends it?” ~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

time flies

What a really great question – I wonder if there is an answer – there is one for Ms Vaughn, I suspect, as I continue to read her book. But will there be an answer for me? I have one of those “relationships with God” and still . . . how can I believe in Something so vast, so amazing – believe it to the core of my being, the very marrow of my bones and yet still doubt?

Will I ever get to the place where the surface me and the marrow-of-my-bones meet and join as one?

God is beyond my conception and yet I know He Loves me and Guides me and Protects me everyday. Opposites that don’t match – at least in my head and heart. Will I ever get it? Maybe, one day; or maybe not.