Worry and the Timeless One

God made time. For Him, it is a “very little thing” to add an hour to our lives. He’s just not subject to the same temporal constraints that so yoke and choke us. For God, a day is as a thousand years, or a thousand years is as a day. No big deal.

If we are really connected with this One who lives beyond time, we have a real choice in how we live in it. We can focus on the worries, burdens, and fears of our own limited experience and miss the joy that could be ours . . . or we can take the risk, venture out, and truly believe that God is the master. He is not like us. He is absolutely sovereign over time and eternity. ~~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

 031216 master of time

If I worship the One who Created time then why do I worry so much about it? Why do I worry about the future, or even today? Worry seems to be part and parcel to human existence. If I’m not worried about my health, its money or my job or my cats or my family or . . . the list goes on. We all have our own worry lists.

What would my life be like if I didn’t worry? If I were able to truly lay down those worries at the feet of God and walk away? How much happier, more joy-filled, more peaceful would I be? Would I even be able to do it? Or, will I do like I’ve always done, lay them down and give them over to God only to pick the worries back up when I get up?

I don’t even know if I know how to lay down my worries – they are so much a part of me maybe I’m afraid that if I lay them down I won’t be me anymore, that I won’t recognize who I am and maybe, maybe,  I really don’t want to stop worrying. Maybe its because I think I can figure things out for myself and secretly I think I don’t need God.

I think – no – I know – I am wrong. I do need God. Now more than ever.

And the struggle goes on…


Truth is God

Truth is a Person. Truth is God Himself, the Eternal One who spoke this lovely, strange world and all its particles into play, the One who came to earth to save us. The second we start to confuse the creation and the Creator, as if God and ourselves and the universe are all the same, is the second we exchange the truth of God for a lie.~~ Ellen Vaughn

030716 breaking time

The last couple of books I have read – and one I am currently reading – revolve around a dystopian future,one where mankind has set himself up to be master and creator of all that is. In this author’s future the animals we are familiar with and basically God as we know Him today are dead – the animals to human consumption and God to man’s desire to be god. These books are disturbing, yet compelling – I want to stop reading them because of the horror of the future but thanks to the author’s amazing writing skills, I have to see the trilogy through.

The one thing that for me this books say is that as long as God is alive in our heart, our minds, and our lives, we won’t continue down a path of eventual destruction. But that may not be what is in our future – however close or far distant. Humankind without
God is a destructive force and we doom ourselves without a spiritual,  moral and ethical center.

Our one Hope is in God.

the Master’s PoV

In the end, if we want to “come and enter into the joy of the master” . . ., the secret to doing so is seeing life and time according to the Master’s point of view, not our own.~~ Ellen Vaughn, Time Peace

030316 time is short

A day or so later and I am not as distraught as I was. I am learning that even emotional upheaval  in my life can bear fruit – the fruit of patience, tolerance and dependence of God for my day to day survival. I remind myself that I am God’s own and I choose to walk in step with His time. And all will be well – eventually.